It is said that fashion and art is how you decorate space, but music is how you decorate time. What a wonderful combination would it be to infuse the two together to form a delightful blend. And no, we are not referring to mobile jukebox bags, however cool or otherwise they may seem to you. Here’s our theory on how what compositions these songs would produce if they were bags. Talk about a leap of faith!

Shape of you- Ed SheeranBIRCH SATCHEL

Undoubtedly a mammoth of a hit in 2017, the irresistibly catchy tune by the unparalleled Ed Sheeran, ‘Shape of You’, would resemble this compact satchel. Much like the song, the bag has a classic appeal and appears to be a gush of fresh air in the increasingly unoriginal music industry. The song is heavily ornamented with accolades, critical acclaim and commercial success and the detachable and attachable sling belt on this chic tan handbag is an appropriate accessory depicting the ‘medal of honour’ stature this melody has reached.

Single Ladies- Beyoncé

Queen Bee bestowed her wisdom upon us and who are we to question her legacy? This round sling bag (eerily similar to a diamond engagement ring or a platinum love band) is an ode to the freedom that singlehood is. And girl you’re amazing just the way you are, so if you like it then you should put a ring on it!

Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn Malik ft. Sia


Fans may be grieving over Zigi’s (Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid) break up, but we are currently trippin’ on how befitting the bag is to this particular set of music and lyrics by Zayn featuring Sia. The almost cylindrical satchel in a striking yet classic hue can definitely be your companion from dusk till dawn

You Belong With Me- Taylor SwiftBARCELONA SATCHEL

Some of you may have scrolled right down to check if teen sensation turned global phenomenon is on the list and then decided if this worth your time and rightly so! If baby boomers have the likes of Beyoncé, the millennial generation also boasts the creative genius of their beloved Tay-Tay! What better way to pay homage to every girl’s high school dream but with a cute backpack. Unleash your inner nerd with this bag and also find a shade card for the pink blush on your cheeks you experience when your crush looks at you!

All of Me- John Legend


This single strapped hobo satchel is far from structured like other bags but it’s the perfect imperfections that make it so apt for John Legend’s masterpiece. Sometimes you don’t need just a bag but a baggage holder and all the curves and all the edges of this drooping handbag just engulf anything you stuff in it, which is just what John Legend wants you to do- he wants you to love all of that special someone. His soothing pitch and baritone align with the calming shade of this quilted delight.

I’ll be there for you- The RembrandtsJEFFREY CROSSBODY

The theme song of arguably the most popular English TV series of all time and all we have is a sling bag to show for it? Wait we can explain! If there’s anything that Friends taught us is that you need someone to be there for you at the good times and the bad and this surprisingly spacious sling bag does just that. The shiny appearance makes it suitable for not just when you’re out painting the town red (or golden in this case), but also at casual outings and even for more formal occasions like weddings. Moreover, it can accommodate not just your personalities but also anything you require on the go in an evidently compact form. So it will definitely be there for you, could we BE any more right about that?