No, this is not yet another meaningless fabricated word that will erupt on your social media timelines under the pretext of a trending hashtag. The concept emerges from the heart of the Amazonian jungles, and the depths of the mighty Ganges. It is a celebration of nature in all its plushness and majesty through the most accessible medium of mobile art-fashion. Psychotropical romances the ideas of psychedelia and the mystical Tropics and marries them into wearable art in a seamlessly elegant manner that makes heads turn (not just from the trip)! It has been predicted that 2018 will be a storm of psychotropical fashion, so don’t leave yourself out and find out exactly how you can amp up the psych and fashionably trop-pick!

Shop the delightful olive hued Spruce Medium Dome satchel now

The key to catching on to any trend is slowly blending in. It is the fashion equivalent of dipping your toe in the water before actually diving headfirst in the deep end of the pool. This olive green satchel will serve as a great palette cleanser from the ordinary, but also help in gradually phasing in the psychotropical. Along with being sleek and stylish, it can amply accommodate all your day to day storage needs






The Spindle CSB round Aztec is now available!

Slings are an undeniable part of our lifestyles because they free us from lugging a load around our arms and also make for a fun style statement with any outfit. This bag comes with a tribal inspired sling belt that is reflective of the culture of indigenous peoples found exclusively in Tropical terrains. The belt compliments the pale gold cocoon shaped inspired exterior of this bag, and acts as a prudent choice for the smart shopper.







Tan your wardrobe now with the Nots Handbag!

It may seem that there is nothing inspiring about a tan bag given that it is a staple in every wardrobe currently, but that does not make it any less chic. Cliches are cliches for a reason after all. Moreover, the lined texture on this dome satchel is truly indicative of the amalgamation that psychotropical truly is. The geometric nature of the exterior but the raw and earthy inspired tone of the bag is an investment that you will not regret.







Shop the blue-ming Circus Large HZ Tote now!

We often forget that nature is our ultimate inspiration for colour, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this vibrant surprise can also act as a psychotropical agent in your wardrobe. The frontal zig-zag sew on patch juxtaposed with the sturdy dusty blue is a fitting rendition of the trend and can add that zest to an otherwise dull day.






Clutch the Opsek Med Dome Satchel now

No matter how much TV shows or self acclaimed fashionistas try to convince us, black will always be the new black. Why, you ask? Well, we exclaim why not! Call us old fashioned, but since the very beginning, black has held a great significance in the natural course of things. It celebrates youth in luscious hair, it depicts mourning in clothes and it is an indisputable symbol of power and status. This particular black tote is detailed with an animal skin texture sew on patch that accentuates the silhouette. If this is not psychotropical, then we don’t know what is!