6 reasons why the rain rain needs to go away!

The monsoons most definitely emanate a much needed romanticism in the otherwise mundane scheme of things. That first whiff of earthy smell followed up almost instantly with cravings of a bowl of noodles or a cup of tea and waking up to the intention of doing nothing but curling up by your window with a gripping book or a good movie. The novelty of it all generally tends to wear off once your favourite outfit gets spoilt by the edges or you get stranded on account of knee high water after just 45 minutes of rain. Not to mention, to those who are bitten by the travel bug the incessant unpredictability of rainfall can dampen not just their destinations but also their spirits. Read ahead to peruse a fool-proof travel bucketlist , which can be checked off once we are in the clear from heavy clouds descending straight on our plans.


Bag this duffle now!

As Indian tradition dictates, no good thing can start without remembering our companion in the skies. If you have grown weary of bar hopping and would rather do some soul searching instead of seat scouting in crowded pubs, head to the temples. Bali and Japan are promising options but closer to home you are spoilt for choice from Vaishno Devi up north to Balaji Tirupati down south. If you are on the hunt for some peace and quiet then Palitana in Gujarat, Khujrao temples in Madhya Pradesh and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh offer themselves as appealing propositions. All you would need is a small weekend getaway bag as fashionable and practical as Lavie’s Pilates bag which can effectively accommodate your kurtis along with your sneakers

Globe trot those knots in style!

Beaches are always a good idea-said everyone ever! They aren’t just a destination; they are a state of mind. So where is everyone beach-ing currently? Well, Pondicherry offers promising promenades with surf schools and fresh sea food. If that one is already off your list then East India has a host of sea shells waiting to travel back home with you, including the Mandarmani Beach in West Bengal which is the longest ‘motorable’ beach in India. The beaches of Andaman and Nicobar are now the darlings of sandy destinations in India, never failing to wow tourists with their divine beauty. Don’t forget to carry these nautical inspired shoes by Lavie, which can take you a long way from above water to running from it as it comes towards you in small waves.

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The pressure to be hipster has rendered us incapable of seeing the beauty in ‘mainstream’ destinations. So if you are one of those people who always opt for the path less taken, walk back a few paces and join people in admiring pure innocent beauty that stands tall in its own merit. Whether it is the spirited Taj Mahal, exciting Goa beaches or thrilling waves of the Ganges, revisit the spots which you said you would ‘pass’ on because of the clutter. Since you are probably going to be packing for a night’s visit or maybe two, might as well carry the Madrid backpack by Lavie to comfortably squeeze in all your necessities.

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While we’re talking travel essentials, these flip flops are a total win to keep those feet happy and on the move. They can accompany you to any outing, day or night and are perfect for those flatlays that we know are another category of travel essentials altogether.

Embrace style head on

Yes, yes, yes beaches and temples and all things touristy are important but to let your hair down and just be friviolous, no place like an unknown city. Gaze at the residents as they flock to work or just sit at a café doing nothing. Travelling to major cities is as exciting as a getaway to somewhere remote. Apart from the Londons, Paris and New Yorks of the world-there are many more offbeat cities brimming with culture and positive vibes. Think Budapest, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Auckland, Montreal and Peru. To positively match the spirit of the city you will need just right pop of colour and Lavie’s casual shoes will give you just that.

Here’s hoping that you have already started checking the met department’s website for clearer skies and of course browsing through Lavie’s website for all that you will need to slay that ootd.