7 amazing shoes for every personality

  1. New Age Cinderella

The high heels have taken a backseat and so have the fairytales with damsels in distress. The stronger and independent women are creating their own Cinderella moments. And there are no second guesses as to what kind of shoe she will leave behind. Buy these shimmery bubble pink casual shoes here.

  1. Boss Lady

Power dressing is back in power, with the influence from the nineties. Women are climbing the ladder of success and want to look the part; they are getting stronger and stronger. Get the boss lady feels with metal embellished loafers that look finished and leave powerful impact with every stride. Buy your pair here.

  1. Peppy and Fun

The college days are meant to be full of activities and the right shoes can just make it better. For the high-spirited and perky ones, nothing is better than a vibrant comfortable shoe. To add liveliness to your outfit, get these pair of minty dotted footwear here.

  1. Girl on the Run

If you’re super active and always on the run, you know a pair of comfortable shoes goes a long way. Uber cool and casual chic, these pair of vibrant blue lace ups is not only comfortable but also versatile. It can be paired with denims, skirts and even summer dresses. Get your pair now here.

  1. Sporty Chic

If you’re the girly kind with love for fitness and sports, this flashy pink sneaker is a must have! They are super comfortable, easy to slip in and out of and look ravishing with your workout outfits. Buy them now here.

  1. Basic Belle