10 best Backpacks for Back to School

It’s that season of the month with the downpour of rain and reopening of schools. And guess what it calls for? Yes, new backpacks and stationery and tiffin boxes.

There was a time when the backpacks were box shaped and buckled, representing in a way the orthodox education system. A time when career options were restricted to fields of engineering and medicine. A time when extra curricular activities were seen as nuisance. A time when opting for the commerce and arts stream signified you were dull.

The tables have turned; the students are breaking the stereotypes and making smart career decisions. Their career path intertwining with their passion and interests. The young ones of today are aware of their preferences and have defined choices.

When the future looks so colourful then why stick to the boring backpacks?

Here’s our list of 15 fun, colourful and vibrant backpacks:

1. Floral bliss, buy here.

2. Denim Alert! Shop for this navy beauty here

3.For the butterfly spirited, grab this cutesy printed backpack here.

4. The hearts all over the place. This multicoloured backpack is going to grab eyeballs for sure. Get it now here.

5. The popping red backpack is sure to spread warmth, get this vivid backpack here

6. Monochrome delight. But this eccentric backpack here.

7. Get quirky with this owl printed backpack, lunch box and stationery pouch. This set is the most convenient thing ever. Shop here.

8. How lovely is this one with super cute hearts! Get this one here.

9. Flower power, get this multi coloured floral printed here.

10. If fancy geometric prints are to your like, get this one now!

11. Never doubt the goodness of mint. Backpack available here.

12. This pretty patchwork print backpack is adorable. Get this pink one here.

13. Stand out from the rest with this uber cool Aztec backpack. Shop now from here.

14. An outburst of quirkiness is just what you need to break free from the monotony. Get it here.

15. A raid of colours and pretty butterfly prints. Kids find joy in little things, get this happy backpack here.

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