Mondays are boring but your bag shouldn’t be!

The Monday blues attack you with such vengeance that you become delusional and are burdened with boredom the moment you open the wardrobe and just can’t decide what to wear! Well, if you can’t decide what to wear you can decide what to carry to beat that drab feeling. We’ve got some bomb bags to take away your Mondayness, here are our 5 most favourites.

  1. Nude with a Twist

Yes, we know the love for neutrals and how classy they look but if you’re someone who wants to play it on the safe side without coming across as in your face, you can opt for a nude with some texture. You can always start with something small like this handbag with snakeskin texture, to give an elegant twist to your ensemble. Click here to buy.

  1. The not so Boring Black

This sophisticated and chic handbag comes with a separate compartment with padding for laptops and separate space for other things which makes it a catch; because on a lazy Monday morning who wants to carry two separate bags to work? Click here to add this handbag to your cart.

  1. Go Bold with Red

Doesn’t red make everything seem more lively and charming? Don’t you feel bold and confident when you’re wearing red, like you can take on the world! The passion that red induces chases away the humdrum and brings much alertness. Also, it’s a way of saying that you can’t mess with me. Get your hands on this laptop bag by clicking here.

  1. Pocketful of Sunshine

Hold on before you have second thoughts about yellow, it is the most underrated shade yet the extremely happiest and positive. We bet you’ll be singing I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine while strutting into your office like a boss! The kind of energy this colour oozes is not even funny. To bring back happy Mondays, shop for this gorgeous bag here.

  1. The It Bag

Are you a person who digs fashion but wants that professional touch? We have just the right bag for you, this super fashionable yet professional satchel handbag with floral texture is for the sassy ladies out there. This compact handbag makes it very convenient to travel and carry to meetings. Kick out Monday blues with style, shop for it now here.