The New Year Edit: Breaking Resolutions

By now, a lot of resolutions must have already been broken, and we hope that one of them broken was ‘do not go overboard shopping’. If it is still intact by any chance, think twice before you scroll down because we just might change your mind.

  1. The Whites you can’t resist

Here’s a winner sneaker from our latest collection, presenting to you a stunning pair that are not only chic but super comfortable. It will make you feel like you are walking on clouds and we aren’t even exaggerating. Break your resolution by buying this pair here.

2. Bagful of sunshine

Feelings of meh will vanish away with this happy hued satchel. Now who won’t break a resolution to look classier, happier and livelier? New year, new me is the mantra if you’ve always shied away from colours. The unique rounded shape and long straps makes this a fashionable bag to carry to where ever you need to spread cheerful and joyful vibes. Happiness a click away, shop now here.

3. Too cool for school

Backpacks are getting cooler (read less bulky) and trendier. They aren’t meant for your school going nieces and nephews only. Instead of tagging along a heavy laptop stuffed tote that digs into your shoulder and leaves you with an ache, backpack is the answer to carry that heavy responsibility on your shoulders especially if you take the public transport. Buy this spacious organized compartmentalized Zibo backpack here.

4. Hustlin’ like a pro

If you’re a workaholic, sorry to break it to you but that’s not going to change. But what can change is your bag! Time to pick up a tasteful and sleek handbag that fits your office essentials. Though your work life can seem crazy, you can definitely slay with your power dressing. This boss lady vibe satchel is available here.

5. Cupcakes for the win

Of course we have something delicious for the sweet tooths, a yummy blush shade flap satchel that will make you drool. If not the dietary kind, you can splurge in sinful shopping of sumptuous bags. Satisfy your craving, get this satchel here.