7 types of footwear for every type of personality

It’s so easy to be a part of the all-inclusive Lavie Fashion Squad, because it’s so versatile and fun that there is something for every personality. They say one can tell a lot about a person just from the shoes they wear. You can be one or many from the various personalities (because we’re fickle like that) and we just have the right suggestions for each.

Here are 7 curated shoe picks for various personalities-

  1. Boss babe


Boss babe makes income while making an impact, with these elegant pair of nude heels notched up with embellishment she’s ready to take on the world. For them boss babe feels, shop for these heels here.

  1. Always extra

She’s that girl you notice the moment she walks in, yes the one who has it going with eye grabbing statement pieces. She’s the kind who will not settle for the ordinary and always wants that extra. To get these shimmery sneakers to match your dramatic personality shop here.


  1. Chic

She is a perfect blend of elegant and style, classy and fabulous. She knows what is trending and what works best for her body type. Her style is effortless and she is closet smart. She has timeless sense of style. This metallic finish toe cap sneakers are an investment and will become a staple in your wardrobe. Shop them here.

  1. Geeky

Breaking the stereotype of geeky is boring, are a fun and sassy pair of these ankle length lace shoes. Just perfect for long walks in nature in solace or just strutting in libraries with style in absolute comfort. If you resemble this type, we suggest you shop for these denim finished shoes here

  1. Classy

A classy woman knows the art of tasteful dressing, she is confident, kind and compassionate. She is well groomed, independent and commands respect. For a woman with power in displaying elegant behavior we just have the right sophisticated pair of block heeled sling back mules. Get your pair by clicking here

  1. Girly

The happy go lucky laugh it all, girly girls know how to have fun! They know how to be playful with colors and prints. They know life isn’t something to be taken too seriously and exude such strong vibrancy and good vibes. We know them girls will love this pair, get them now here.

  1. Sporty

She is fierce and zealous, she swears by athleisure as her go to style. She knows perfectly well how to blend fashion with comfort. The girl on the run, she has a spontaneous spirit to take on challengers and overcome fears. If you are a girl who loves adventure, these black beauties are just the right one for you. Get them here.