Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy Without Going to the Gym

It can get super hectic to go to the gym after an exhausting long day at work or to even wake up early in the morning when all you do is put that alarm on snooze again and again. We understand the struggle! But there are many more ways to lead a healthier life than go to the gym every day. Here are the top 5 ways to stay fit without going to the gym.

  1. Meal timing matters:

When you eat is just as crucial as what you eat. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up, it is the most important meal of the day; because a nutritious breakfast keeps your body active, productive and creative until lunch. To maintain a lean and healthy body one must eat everyday four to six hours throughout the day with a combination of lean proteins, healthy fats, low-carb foods and non-starchy veggies. Avoid eating three hours before bed time because our metabolism slows down during night which increases the risk of gaining weight.

  1. Cycling:

Cycling is one of the best exercises to get your body moving! If your work place is not too far, consider cycling to office rather than taking your vehicle or the public transport. It’s a fact that people who exercise in the morning feel less tired through the day, it also helps you burn the calories you intake during breakfast.

  1. Take the stairs:

We know how tempting elevators can be and as much as we get it that taking the stairs could be a painful decision for most of us couch potatoes; it is actually quite helpful to increase your heart rate before and after work.

  1. Play sports with children:

Don’t we all love kids and the energy they have? After work take out 15 minutes to play with the kids near your locality and you will notice how refreshing it is. Whether it be football/basketball or just lock and key/hide and seek, it will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

  1. Walk and talk on your phone:

When you’re at work and your phone rings, make it a habit to stand up and answer it. It’ll help stretch your legs for a while and walking around gives you a little movement. Also standing up and talking on the phone makes you sound more confident and assertive too.

Image courtesy: Pinterest