5 Smoking Hot Picks for Winter

  1. Boss Babe on the Go

The only way you’ll head with this sleek Nemean Satchel is right up the career ladder. We all have it in us, the capability to take on the world and make our dreams come true. So what are you waiting for? Get that drive on and keep ridin’ like a boss! Shop for this classy number here.

  1. The Hustler

Sizzle and hustle is the new motto, bid adieu to lazy days. Why sit back and relax when you can be alive and kicking. Life is one joyride, ride it with grace and have fun while at it. Dress up, glam up and go all out! Don’t forget to buy eye catching bags while you’re at it. Shop for Pixie Satchel here.

  1. Lustful Delight

Unleash your wild side with croco-textured Batsu Satchel in a very very desirable lustful blush pink shade. Carry it to a party and this lavish bag will be stroked by lusty hands and stalked by greedy eyes. This beaut is available to shop here.

  1. Out of the Blue

All we want to do is put you in a dreamy state of mind with this deep calming sea blue colour. Be unashamed of letting the blues seep in… of course we mean the bag! In fact, you can totally meditate on our blue blue Lima Tote- all you have to do is focus on the bag, close your eyes and daydream about the turquoise waters of Maldives. Hmmm…how relaxing it can be! Shop here to turn this into reality.

  1. Forbidden Apple

This sumptuous apple red bag will leave you lusting for more, remember forbidden things are more desirable and we already have an inkling that you will not be able to resist the charm. Essen Satchel is that new age fairy tale accessory that you can add to your wardrobe. Shop here.