Guess What Colour is Taking the Internet by Storm!

The colour that has caught on so fast and is spreading over the fashion charts and in social media like wild fire: Millennial pink a.k.a Tumblr Pink! This hue has gradually become a favourite among the fashion crowd being embraced by designers and bloggers. It is the versatile, androgynous pink that is breaking gender stereotypes. We introduce a wide range in muted blushes and pinkish nudes so you can get winning on this trend!

Here’s our top 5 picks of Millennial Pink:

1. Lavie Velvet Satchel
For the Instagram worthy snap, shop this on Amazon , Flipkart

2. Lavie Damaris Satchel
For the perfect flat lays, this spacious structured bag can be purchased from Amazon , Lavieworld

3. Lavie Onora Csb Structured
For the candid pink lovin’ pictures. It’s super easy to introduce Tumblr Pink into your wardrobe with a stylish sling, available on Amazon  and Flipkart

4. Lavie Onora Csb Round
For the simple love of pink! If you want to play around and add something fun and vibrant, you could go for a brighter and darker shade and pair it with a white or beige dress to complete the ensemble. Shop for this circular sling on  Lavieworld, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart

5. Lavie Teresa Tote
For the love of chic and tropical flamingo vibes. Get this pinkish nude shade tote on Flipkart

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